An Exquisite 1922 California Craftsman Home


1165 N Hudson Ave | Pasadena, CA 91104

Year of Completion: 1922


Style: Craftsman (This house is an example of how the Craftsman style persisted into the 1920s even though the movement is commonly thought to have largely disappeared by 1918.)


Builder and Probable Designer:

Raldo A. Shirar, Pasadena, a carpenter and building contractor. No architect is identified on the building permit, indicating the contractor designed the house himself or relied on commercially available plans or pattern books. Raldo Arvilla Shirar (1885-1945) was a man of many skills, having worked as an electrician, a mason, and a carpenter at various times in his life. Born in Salina, Kansas, the son of a carpenter, Raldo relocated to San Diego around 1905 where he worked as a carpenter. By 1907, he had moved to Pasadena where he found employment as an electrician and a concrete contractor. He married the former Esther Hubbard, a California native, in 1911 and would have four children. Perhaps due to the Great Depression and the lack of building jobs, the Shirar family moved to Bloomington in the 1930s and took up fruit farming. By 1940, following a divorce, Mr. Shirar was back in Pasadena and advertising his services again as a carpenter and building contractor. He died at the age of 60 and is interred at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena.


First Owner:

Frederick. E. Taschner, the employee of a grocery company, who shared the house with his wife Edna and their teen-aged son. 2 Frederick (“Fred”) Elmer Taschner was born on August 12, 1887 in Newhall, Iowa to Gottlieb Taschner, a German-born farmer, and Laura A. (Bachman) Taschner. By 1900, the family had moved to Eden, Iowa. In 1907, Frederick Taschner married the former Edna Louise Mort (1889-1967) in Los Angeles. She was a native of Michigan but had lived since at least 1900 in Redlands where her father Hiram worked as a drayman. Mr. and Mrs. Taschner had one son: Verne Mort Taschner (1908- 1987) who would later become a well-known local radio announcer. By 1909, Mr. and Mrs. Taschner had moved to Los Angeles where he found work as a clerk for the American Express Company. Around 1917, he began his career in the grocery business, serving as a salesman and shipper for the Bradford Baking Company located at 401 North Avenue 20 in Los Angeles. By 1924, Mr. Taschner was employed as the store manager of the Crown Emporium supermarket at 12 East California in Pasadena. In the 1940s, he worked for Youngs Market in Los Angeles. Fred Taschner passed away on June 12, 1957 at the age of 69 and is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.